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Legs & Landscape

Sarah was fascinated by Cortijada Los Gázquez location as one of the sunniest regions in Europe. Sarah documented and captured the physical and psychological influence that such an environment had on her as a person and as an artist. She wanted to collect memories. Documenting the experience of being in such a place, how she interacted with it and how the environment influenced her and her practice.


A large part of Sarah’s new focus is looking at both her physical and psychological self and she knew that the sun and warmer environments would have a substantially positive impact upon her well being and subsequently her creative productivity. She spent as much time as she could in the landscape around Cortijada Los Gázquez. Sarah was interested in comparing the fragility of the landscape with human fragility.

Pine Cone.jpg
HAND bark.jpg
Wood Kaleidoscope.jpg
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Almond Blossom
My Mountain
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